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This course delivers the “must have” foundation for pedorthists, certified fitters and facility associates. The one day Pedorthic Primer incorporates the basic knowledge you must have of:
  • Anatomy
  • Pathophysiology
  • Biomechanics
  • Common conditions
  • Pedorthic applications and materials
Everyone within the profession would benefit from the Pedorthic Primer, from the new associate to the seasoned practitioner needing a comprehensive refresher. The seminar is heavily focused on hands-on interaction and practical exercises. Taught by Donna Robertson, C.Ped, AT, a nationally recognized lecturer and member of the 2004 Olympic Foot & Ankle Team. 4 Scientific CEU Credits $69.00

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Advanced Biomechanical Gait Analysis8 Scientific CEU CreditsGait analysis is a crucial part of the customer evaluation process to help identify problems and their origins. Gait analysis is an innovative method to help achieve a complete biomechanical assessment.

This seminar explores the methods and processes of gait analysis through lecture, hand-on demonstration and interactive practice and actual patient case studies. Gait analysis is a critical skill for pedorthists and certified fitters.

Lead by nationally recognized lecturer and member of the 2004 Olympic Foot & Ankle medical team, Donna Robertson, C.Ped, AT.

8 Scientific CEU Credits $129.95 Apply Now
An intermediate course providing in-depth information of providing custom orthotics to patients. The course starts with the assessment and takes you through the final treatment plan. Conducted by Donna Robertson.

1.25 Scientific CEU Credits $39.95

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A comprehensive review of Foot Conditions and treatment options. This course provides a detailed look into commonly occurring pedorthic pathologies. Conducted by Dr, Bill Faddock DPM.

2.5 Scientific CEU Credits $49.95
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Presenting an in-depth look into pedorthic foot conditions, assessment and treatment options. Conducted by Donna Robertson. A must for the pedorthist. A deep dive into the many pathologies seen today. A 6 part Series
6.5 Scientific CEU Credits $89.95

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Pedorthic professionals need information of this debilitating disease and what treatment options are available. This condition presents several challenges to O&P professionals. Learn the various stages and treatment options. Conducted by Donna Robertson. 1 Scientific CE
1 Scientific CEU Credit $29.95

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Therapeutic Shoe Fitter Pre-certification Course 11 Scientific & 1 Business ABC CEU Credits The American Board of Certification will award certified individuals participating in a NCOPE approved pre-certification course Category II credits. You must submit a Category II form along with your certificate of completion.

This course is approved by the National Commission on Orthotic & Prosthetic Education (NCOPE) and encompass 14 hours of online study. The course covers patient evaluation, fitting and regulations. This course could be a great refresher for certified individuals. Included topics are:
      • Anatomy
      • Terminology
      • Material Science
      • Patient Evaluation
      • Common Foot Pathologies & Deformities
      • Foot Measurement
      • Shoe Fitting & Selection Criteria
      • Complications of the Diabetic Foot
      • Patient Documentation
      • Professional Ethics
This online course is offered through our exclusive Learning Management System you can access 24/7 on your schedule and pace. To be eligible for ABC/BOC CEU credits, you must take and pass a course test with a minimum score of 80%.

11 Scientific &1 Business ABC CEU Credits $199.00 Online Webinar Apply Now
An intermediate course aimed at providing information about the ever increasing diabetic patient and treatment options. Details diabetic foot conditions, Medicare requirements and applicable treatment plans. Conducted by Donna Robertson. 1.75 Scientific CEs

1.75 Scientific CEU Credits $39.00 Online Webinar Apply Now
The course targets the three basic categories of pedorthist interaction with a customer. Communication skills, patient assessment and pedorthic materials. The program goal is to significantly increase the comprehension of these categories of pedorthist and associate. These critical skills and knowledge is essential for facility clinical personnel.

3 Scientific and 1 1 Business ABC CEU Credit $59.95

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Clinicians need a thorough understanding of rocker sole shoes. This course provides a foundation of rocker sole footwear and clinical applications of rocker sole technology.

Rocker sole shoes have long been known for their therapeutic benefits. They can protect the heels and the balls of the feet from repetitive impact with concrete and hard surfaces. They can be helpful for those suffering from heel and arch pain.

1.5 Scientific CEU Credits $39.95

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This course enables participants to enhance their skills in community awareness in management of foot and ankle problems associated with a number of pathologies. Suggestions in focusing attention and improve exposure within their medical community. Tools used on getting excess of the customer/client are possible resources of a successful business.

1.5 Business CEU Credits $39.95

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A certified pedorthist is an important member of the clinical medical team treating people with diabetic foot disorders. Application of proper footwear and appropriate custom foot orthoses are essential elements in the total management of this challenging disease.

1.5 Scientific CEU Credits $39.95
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This course focuses on the anatomy of the foot, essential joints pathologies that may cause heel pain. It also covers treatment options, proper foot wear selections and orthotics.
1.5 Scientific CEU Credits $39.95
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Certified Pedorthists should know every aspect of pedorthics – fitting shoes, custom shoes, shoe modifications, foot orthotics and majority of all pathologies related – to provide the best services for their patients. This course helps you promote your profession in the community. 1.5 Scientific CE
1.5 Scientific CEU Credits $39.95
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The most crucial area within your scope of professional responsibility will be the Medicare (CMS) diabetic patient. There are a lot of pitfalls which may cause you to not get paid. You must be thoroughly knowledgeable about the fitting, modification and documentation of therapeutic shoes. Navigation of CMS requirements and documentation can often be confusing and difficult.

1 Business CEU Credits $29.95
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This course defines the goals for a comprehensive foot evaluation/assessment during static and dynamic function of the foot. Bringing improved awareness for the use of foot orthoses, shoe selection of various technologies, shoe modifications needed to support the foot in a desired position and redistribute weight-bearing patterns for comfort, protection and resolution of painful symptoms. 6 Scientific CEs